Course curriculum

  • 1

    A quick intoduction

    • Hi Neha here :-) Welcome

    • Read this first - Important

    • Let us start with the basics :-)

    • To make money - First thing you need is a MINDSET SHIFT

    • What is the MAIN PILLAR to be able to make money from your blog or social media

  • 2

    How to make money via your social media, free blogs and websites

    • How to earn money as a social media influencer

    • Ways we can make money from Free WordPress blogs

    • Ways we can make money from self hosted websites

  • 3

    Various ways of making money explained

    • The most popular way to make money from your self hosted website

    • Great way to make money for newbie bloggers

    • What is Media Kit and how to create one

    • Must Have way that you should focus on (works on FREE blogs + self hosted website + social media)

    • Your Final Goal that you should aim for to make money

  • 4

    More about Affiliate Marketing

    • Affiliate Marketing Basics

    • What is important for Affiliate marketing

    • How you can make Affiliate sales using your Blog posts

    • How to promote your affiliate links

    • Major Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks

    • Secret tool for Affiliate Marketing in India

    • How to make money from our products and register for our affiliate program

  • 5

    Product Creation Details

    • How to get started with your own Products and make money on automation

    • List of platforms for selling your digital products

    • How to start your online store

  • 6


    • What to track ?

    • Essential strategy that helps you survive - No matter what

    • Next Steps

    • Conclusion

    • BONUS